Why it’s good to donate

The notion of excessive consumerism has affected most of the people in the 21 st century. Most of us will plead guilty of having more than excess clothes in our closets, the clothes that we no longer remember if we have ever had. Due to the fact that they are almost in new condition and still look excellent, it may be difficult to get time to put all these piled items together for a donation.


The most stupid thing to do is to dumb this clothes into the trash when they can still be perfect for use. Used clothing stores and local charities like Pick Up Please do play an important role, they receive donations of used clothes, and Should you choose to buy other needed items at a later date, you will get discount coupons. These donations should not be limited to clothes only but also household items, shoes, furniture items, and books, if in good the condition or if not badly damaged


Donations of clothes can also face some challenges as some people can feel less privileged if seen wearing used clothes or if you want to give them something they may see it as a charity case, making it a very a difficult topic to bring up. Donations can be a battle for the family too, as we always see a poor family who can benefit from our unused items though don’t know how to offer, hence having a retail establishment that receives the donations is the answer to all these challenges, as it eliminates all guesswork.


Furthermore, most of these retail establishments for donations can send agents near you to pick up the items, instead of you taking to them. For instance, you can get a call notifying residents once a month in a particular street, asking if they can give away anything also specifying the date they would pick. The service is completely amazing as it has sum everything up for us, all you have to do is put all your clothes, shoes and other items for donations in a bag outside your house and a truck will pass by and pick it up. Most of the

money got from the sales of this items goes to the local charities all over the country, hence in good heart, we should offer the unused and unneeded items to help the society at large.


Having clothes piling up in our closets and shoes under our beds, with no one to wear, is such a bad idea, and waste, we should be generous and kind by helping the less privileged in our society by donating the used items to them. To us, it gives space by eliminating clutter and creating space for items we actually need.


In conclusion, donations of unused shoes, clothes, and even furniture are not only for much gain to every individual in the society, but it is also meaningful hence it is something everyone with excess items should start or continue doing. In the case of an unfamiliar charity ask questions about their location or other information to be sure it’s genuine.