Who should use a portable standing desk?

Portable standing desks are easily transportable desks, designed to be used without a seat. They are great inventions which give people a healthier alternative to sitting down while working. Although they are great, who should use them?

Many office employees find themselves sitting down for countless hours while at work. This can lead to negative health effects due to a lack of exercise. This makes portable standing desks perfect for office workers. For the average adult, standing burns more calories and requires two and a half times more muscular activity than sitting, so why sit when you can stand? Portable standing desks from deskview.co/blogs/products/portable-standing-desk can also be easily moved around offices making them very convenient. Having portable standing desks is extremely beneficial for the health of office employees which makes office workers one group that should definitely use portable standing desks.

Another group of people that should use portable standing desks are people that work from home. Whether someone is self-employed and run their business from their home, or working for someone else from their home, they will find themselves sitting for extended periods of time. Portable standing desks can be kept in their houses and easily accessed, they let people that work from home get some health benefits while working and there are no workplace related problems that can be encountered for using them. For these reasons, people that work from home should use portable standing desks.

One of the most important groups of people that can benefit from portable standing desks are children. When children exercise regularly, they develop life-long good fitness routines. This is more important than ever, with the increasing problem of obesity in today’s society. If portable standing desks were to replace regular desks in schools, kids would get the health benefits they need. Many teachers face the challenge of dealing with over energetic kids that won’t be quiet. As the school day progresses, students will hopefully consume their energy by working while standing up, resulting in teacher’s jobs being easier. Most kids will even enjoy being able to stand up instead of having to sit down. These reasons make it obvious that young students should use portable standing desks.

Many people suffer from back and neck pain while sitting down and working at a computer. Stand up desks prevent this. Studies have been done to determine whether standing desks actually reduce back pain. After several weeks of using standing desks, people had on average, a 32% improvement in lower back pain and after four weeks, upper back pain was reduced by 52%. If you suffer from back pain, it’s a no-brainer that you should use a portable stand up desk instead of suffering while sitting,

Office workers, people that work from home, young students, and people that suffer from back pain are some groups of people that should use portable standing desks. However, anyone that sits down at a desk to do work could benefit from a portable standing desk. If you find yourself sitting at a desk for large amounts of time and you aren’t lazy, consider getting one.