What to consider before making an investment

there are so many investments you can choose and be profitable I, but only if you choose the right investment property. It is always recommended to hire some specialists to receive specific recommendations, as well as to familiarize themselves with the basic selection criteria. What to consider before making an investment. If you do invest in a mis sol pension, read about mis sold pension compensation before investing more in anything else.


The cost of having the right type of insurance and the required amount of insurance is an important factor that requires careful consideration. The cost of insurance of investment objects is often higher than the cost of housing occupied by the owners. After receiving insurance, do not forget about a few quotes before paying off in one company. Also, make sure that your special coverage also includes liability insurance if someone should hurt yourself while staying in the investment property.

Municipal costs.

If you intend to pay for utilities and include this cost as part of your rental income, you need to know what the price is. In addition, if you do not intend to cover these costs, but the tenant, they will want to know what the cost will be. This consideration will, of course, include electricity, water and sewage, garbage collection and possibly a fee for parking permits.

Tenant’s turnover.

This should also be taken into account. It is often an expense that does not receive much attention, because landowners, especially those who are new, believe that their property will always be rented. But it’s not like that. Surprise is continued when they calculate the cost of preparing a property for new tenants. If the property was destroyed, would the deposit cover these costs? Another cost is advertising that you may need to get a new tenant. Of course, while the property is being prepared for a new tenant, it does not bring any income.


Considerations that are often perceived result from the fact that the value of the property remains empty. When you have a property to rent, one of the hopes is that your property remains rented so that the income stream does not stop. Often this is not revealed in advance and it is unrealistic to assume that there will be no time when the property will not be rented. Although you certainly hope that your property will remain rented all the time, it is simply unrealistic. There will probably be a time when your property will be empty, and the general rule to use in calculations is that your property can be empty in about 10% of cases.

Do your homework.

This is something that you can do at home in your spare time. Go to the properties available in the area you are looking for, see what the average selling price is and how much the rent in this area. This is a chance to weigh your options, making sure that you make the right investment decision that will help you get through the real estate market without any problems. Many people use this opportunity to start a property ladder. Hence, they buy more real estate investments, creating a durable portfolio that is stable and can cost a fortune in a few years. Make sure you invest sensibly when you choose this option, and the only way to make sure it is done is to do your homework before contacting agents in the area.