The Best FPGA Board Brands

Technological development is vital at present, we have our computers with the best technology in the market is of vital importance. Every day the processing level of modern equipment is faster and more efficient, it is due to the updates of parts that are fundamental for our computers.

By 2018 the era of computing and technology, we can count on effective development teams, which allow us to do an excellent job, without delays and quickly.

Take into account the divisions and pieces that our computer has. We know that the computer is offered in two parts, a tangible part that is the Hardware and another intangible part that is the Software. Each one works in their function and at the same time they work together, since these two components depend on themselves. There is no function and hardware, and there is no function for the software, it is, but the software is in charge of the computer part of the computer, that is what can not be touched but it is, it is analytical part and artificial intelligence of the computer . The Hardware is responsible for the external and internal parts of the computer, these are composed of many pieces that are hooked together and that work with specific functions, the pieces that the computer can not work, each piece is necessary, every detail of the hardware is necessary . No matter how small a piece is, this representation is a function and why it is necessary for the participation of its functioning.

The advantages of software and hardware, it is possible that software programs and applications can be changed and replaced, like hardware, hardware parts can be replaced by more updated parts, depending on the capacity of our computer

In the technological market there are a number of pieces that allow us to have an update of our hardware and software, a continuation of the best table in the market. Be sure to look at before making your purchase.

Best FPGA Board Brands

Arduino R3

It offers a development platform with more versatility than the others, they are very resistant and very easy to configure, it is designed with AT mega 16U2 which makes it more profitable and faster and better for your project.

DECA is the best option to start with the skills in FPGA design or develop them. With this board you can design with FPGA and
interact with a wide variety of sensors, including proximity, temperature, ambient light, acceleration and power.

Thunderboard React

It is small but powerful, it offers a very smart solution for Bluetooth Smart and connects to the cloud to collect sensor data to test and create prototype applications. It includes a wide range of environmental sensors and movement, which allows a rapid collection of data.

Raspberry Pi 3

It is very powerful, it has a CPU ARM Cortex A53 of four nuclei of 1.2 GHz and 64 bits that offers ma ten tences the performance of the Raspberry Pi1, includes a wireless LAN card integrated with bluetooth 4.1

Synergy S7 is a platform for integrated development, where you can access MCU functions with more details, has a framework of integrated software based on RTOS. It is innovative for integrated and continuous development, specialized in color graphics, tactile interface and
ability to improve

LinkCharge CT is a ready-to-use, wireless charging set from semtch that can be mounted and placed under the design surface to transmit and feed between the charger and receiver.