Sound Module & Set Size of Drums

The sound module

You can have the most beautiful and expensive pads in the world, but if connected to a poor sound module, the sound produced will be at the level of the latter: poor. A bit like putting on Formula 1 tires on a 1980 Panda 45.

Manufacturers of electronic sets sell sound modules both as individual elements and as pre-defined kit components. By default, the sound module is proposed in the kit most suited to the characteristics of both. In any case, it is possible to purchase the sound module – as well as the pads – individually.

There are some features to be evaluated when choosing the sound module. Among these, the amount of inputs for the pads, presets, sounds to be combined to create their own virtual kits, inputs with which to bring their bases up to the headphones and outputs. The most advanced sound modules have an output for each pad. A useful solution in case you want to record your performances in multitrack.

If the training aspect of the instrument or Barking Drum is considered important, it is also important to be aware of the presence of some characteristics, such as the metronome, songs on which to practice and in some cases, real training paths.

Set size
It is clear that if the purchase of an electronic set is aimed exclusively at studying away from indiscreet ears, one can choose a more minimal setup than more elaborate needs such as live performances or higher ambitions.

This is a purely personal parameter, but it affects the choice of the sound module and the rack. The sound modules have a finite number of inputs for the pads, beyond which it is impossible to increase the number. Two solutions in this regard: evaluate well before purchasing the number of pads that you intend to use in order to size the sound module in an appropriate way or equip yourself with a second (third, fourth …) sound module.

The rack must follow – by size – necessarily the amount of pad to be accommodated taking into account space at its disposal. Basically, every electronic set has a rack that allows almost infinite expansions.

To Keep in mind

Pads with traditional leathers are the noisiest. Mesh and TCS, the most silent and able to offer a better feeling.
The wooden drums are absolutely useless. We are talking about an electronic set, not an acoustic one.

The tie rods on the pads with traditional leathers or meshes, do not affect the intonation of the same. They simply tend or loosen the skin.
If you intend to use a double pedal, make sure that the chest pad is of adequate size to accommodate two leaves.

If you want to connect the electronic set to your computer to exploit only the voice of a virtual instrument, probably instead of buying a sound module, it will be more appropriate (and economic) to opt for a trigger station.

For further isolation from the floor, there are many solutions. These comprise the noise eater made by Roland.