Social Security Card Replacement Guide

It is very rare to find an adult living in the United States without a Social security card. These cards with Social Security Numbers (SSN) are like human identity markers which differentiate people like fingerprints different human beings. These 9 digit cards are issued by the Social Security Administration to citizens and residents residing in the US. Initially they were issued for tax purposes and to provide public services to the masses but it is now used for many other purposes in both public and private life. It has also become an essential tool in the hands of the US authorities for social security. This card carries an identity number and is so important to the holder without which it would be extremely difficult to function as a full fledged human being. Without it getting a job may prove difficult so also is enjoying certain social benefits or public services. Just like every other item and personal effect, a social security card can be misplaced or in a worse case scenario stolen. In such a situation, one will need to have it replaced through a company like To do this what is the lost social security card procedure open to the public?

Lost Social Security Card Procedure

The authorities are well aware and prepared for this type of eventuality and have a clearly defined procedure to replace the social security card of its citizens and residents. Contrary to what many will advice, in the case of a stolen card the very first thing to do is not to seek a replacement. With your card missing you can’t really say for sure whether the card is lying somewhere under a bookshelf or in the hands of a fraudulent individual. To take proper precautions it is advisable to lay a complaint to the appropriate government agencies first. With the information and access these cards have a lot of harm could be done to society and to you in particular. The first thing you need to do is

Make a complaint: Contact the Federal Trade Commission(FTC). The FTC working in conjunction with the Social Security Administration will monitor your Social Security Number(SSN).

File another report to the Internet Crime complain Center.

Having filed these reports you should endeavor to keep a close eye on your online account credits to see if your SSN gas been logged onto any site or platforms. Monitoring your SSN will help you identify criminal activities on time. If you actually do spot evidences of fraud immediately notify the FTC.

Having done that you can now proceed to have your lost card replaced.

Obtain an SS-5 form: This application form can be obtained online for free. Here are the information you will be asked to provide

  • Name
  • Place and Date of Birth
  • Ethnicity
  • Sex
  • RaceNoluntary
  • Phone number, date and mailing address
  • Signature

Please ensure you fill the application form in black or blue ink only if you are doing so manually.

To complete the process here are the documents you will need to attach to the application form. You must produce at least two of these forms listed here to qualify for a Social Security card replacement.


After filling the application and attaching the vital documents mail it to the Social Security

Administration. If you filled it manually take it to the nearest SSA office closest to you. It takes a minimum of 10 days to get the application process after which a new card will be issued to you.