Keeping a lawyer on retainer


When people are confronted by legal situations, often you would hear them threaten to call their lawyer, this means she or he could probably be having a personal lawyer “on retainer.” Having a personal lawyer on retainer tends to mean that someone is paying a lawyer some small amount of fee on a regular basis and in turn, the lawyer offers some legal services when the client requires them. Retainers are often useful for businesses and individuals who require constant legal representation, but don’t have enough funds to hire the lawyer full-time.

Why You Should Have A Great Attorney On Retainer.

1). Representation When You Require It

When hiring a lawyer on retainer, you pay upfront for any future services. This offers you some peace of mind when you know that you have a legal representation available readily in the event of a legality arising. The Amircani Law lawyer is always ready to respond to your questions & guide you on the right direction.

2). Proper Documentation.

The faster you have a qualified attorney, the better your chances of having crucial details documented taken into consideration. Not having a good lawyer on speed-dial exposes you to the risks of hiring on-the-fly, meaning your representation isn’t even familiar to you or your business.

3). Personal Tailored Advice.

Even though you aren’t in a situation where you are facing a legal ramification, an attorney on retainer is very helpful in other matters. For example, an attorney can ensure that you are making decisions that are in accordance to the land laws.

4). Building a Relationship.

For an organization, you want your company to be around fo a while, & hiring a lawyer on retainer facilitates development of a working relationship. Such a relationship is valuable as it allows your legal counsel to gain an insight to the inner workings of the company. This in turn enables them to better represent it.

5). As a Preventive Measure.

It is really better to avoid a problem rather than trying to fix it once it arises, hence the saying “better prevention than cure.” Hiring an attorney on retainer will often help you avoid future legal headaches.

6). Reducing Legal Costs. 

Having a lawyer on retainer tends to be cheaper than hiring on a full-time basis. Having a lawyer on retainer offers you the option to work with an attorney without paying up unmanageable fees.

7). The Law is Always Complicated.

Even lawyers typically don’t represent themselves in a court of law. If you aren’t a lawyer you have no business to act like one in some instances. A good case can easily unravel without the assistance of a good attorney. It is advisable to have a lawyer on retainer to interpret most clauses of the law to you.


There are various reasons that organizations and individuals should find & retain a lawyer to address their legal issues. Having a lawyer on retainer makes sure that you do not have to scramble for a lawyer, “the right lawyer” when a legal difficult arises. By having an organization lawyer on retainer, the organization has a time advantage to formulate a prudent strategy hence increasing the chances to prevail.