How To Pick the Right Address Change Service


The choice of an address change service matters in the process of changing your address. Just like shopping marts, banks, mortgage and real estates come with different deals and benefits, address change services also come in their respective exclusive deals. An address change service can be as easy as taking coffee or one as difficult as living without your phone for a week. In order to save your time and resources, we have outlined a few steps for you to follow in choosing the best address change service. It is our wish to see you have the best process in changing your address. Below are the answers to how to pick the right address change service.


Your security and privacy are things you should consider when picking an address change service. Due to the risk of exposing your new or old address in the process of an change, it is necessary that you pay close attention to the level of security provided by the address change service. Usually, the traditional method of visiting a post unit personally is the most secure method to safeguard your privacy. But if you choose to undertake the process online, you have to pay close attention to the security history of the address change service you are using. You can make a quick search online to see the reviews and comments of people who have previously used the service. Another thing to look out for is the contractual capacity of the address change service. Some services work directly for state address entities whilst others work as agents of the address entities. In order to safeguard your privacy, we recommend that you change your address directly from a trusted state owned online address change service. The formal state recognized address change service is the USPS change of address form. You can access their services by visiting


A lot of cost is involved when moving but the change of an address should not be one of them. If you are thinking of an address change service, a factor to consider is the cost involved in accessing their services. As we stated earlier, some address change services work directly as USPS platforms whilst others work as their agents. Those who work as agents add up a component of their agency cost to the price they ask in changing addresses. So in order to save cost, it is recommended to choose an address change service that work directly from the state. An address change service should charge nothing more than $5. Anything more than 5 bucks, regardless what they say is above average.


In order to save time for other moving activities, it is necessary to choose an address changing service that requires lesser processes. The necessary requirements for an address change process is an email address and a debit or credit card. Any address change service that requests anything else that these should be ignored for purposes of time and convenience. Also, an address changing service that offers coupons and exclusive cost saving moving offers would be a plus. In order to save yourself the headache of moving related activities, choosing an address changing service that offers expert assistance and moving on home services would be helpful as well.


Several state agencies are available to provide address change services for your respective address change need. It is recommended you visit these agencies directly in order to change your address. Below is a list of government agencies with their correspondent contact websites.

Internal Revenue Service (IRS): Change of tax related addresses. Visit at (

Social Security Administration (SSA) : Change social security related addresses and information. Visit at (

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA): Change of veteran related information.Visit at (

US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) : Contact them within 10 days of a move if you are a non-US citizen. Visit them at (

State Motor Vehicle Agencies: Change of driver’s license . Visit your state service at (

State Election Offices: Change of voters registration record. Visit your state service at (