How much should you pay your immigration attorney?

Immigration has become one of the controversial topics in the United States with a high rate of deportation or detention of those who are no-US citizens. Many of them are now deported in their mother countries since president Trump gave order that the US does not need citizens from other countries as a way of protecting American workers. There is, therefore, need for the non-US citizens to look for an attorney who will help them in their case. But how much does this immigration attorney cost?

The cost of immigration attorney varies, it does not necessarily need to be fixed, and a person does not need to pay the same amount to the immigration attorney as their friends. They can pay more money for an immigration lawyer atlanta than their friends, or they can pay little money compared to what their friend has paid.

The experienced attorney will charge more money than those who have not been in the field for many years. The experienced ones believe that they can handle the case more conveniently and a person cannot lose the case which they are part of in the United States Citizenship and Immigration service. But wait, is this true? Well, it can apply to some cases but not others. With immigration case, any lawyer whether with more or less experience is capable of handling the case more conveniently because immigration laws keep on changing now and then. Thus what used to apply in immigration cases decades ago may not be applicable now.

Besides, those who have low income will pay less to the immigration attorney than those who have more income. An immigration attorney can negotiate with their clients before determining the amount they will pay for the case. They understand that immigrant may not have more money since they are given restrictions to work. However, they must charge them and cannot offer their service free of charge.

Some attorneys charges a fixed amount of money while others charge per hour. If an attorney is charging an hourly fee, the client will have to pay more money than when the attorney is charging a fixed fee. When it is a flat rate, the attorney may charge the fee of $1000-$5000 for the whole service. However, if the attorney charges an hourly rate, the client can sure to pay a rate of $100-$300. An attorney may want to be paid per hour if the case is complex and will involve more hearing in USCIS. This will also depend on the experience of the attorney, and those who are more experienced tend to take more money per hour than those who have less experience in the field.

Filing will also determine the amount to be given to the attorney. EB-5forms will cost the client more money since this will enable the applicants to be United States citizens once their case has been approved by the United States Citizenship Immigration permit. Thus it will cost more than those who want a re-entry permit to stay out of the United States for a given period may be one year or two years.

The amount to be paid to immigration attorney depends on their experience, complexity of the case and financial status of the applicant.