The Best FPGA Board Brands

Technological development is vital at present, we have our computers with the best technology in the market is of vital importance. Every day the processing level of modern equipment is faster and more efficient, it is due to the updates of parts that are fundamental for our computers.

By 2018 the era of computing and technology, we can count on effective development teams, which allow us to do an excellent job, without delays and quickly.

Take into account the divisions and pieces that our computer has. We know that the computer is offered in two parts, a tangible part that is the Hardware and another intangible part that is the Software. Each one works in their function and at the same time they work together, since these two components depend on themselves. There is no function and hardware, and there is no function for the software, it is, but the software is in charge of the computer part of the computer, that is what can not be touched but it is, it is analytical part and artificial intelligence of the computer . The Hardware is responsible for the external and internal parts of the computer, these are composed of many pieces that are hooked together and that work with specific functions, the pieces that the computer can not work, each piece is necessary, every detail of the hardware is necessary . No matter how small a piece is, this representation is a function and why it is necessary for the participation of its functioning.

The advantages of software and hardware, it is possible that software programs and applications can be changed and replaced, like hardware, hardware parts can be replaced by more updated parts, depending on the capacity of our computer

In the technological market there are a number of pieces that allow us to have an update of our hardware and software, a continuation of the best table in the market. Be sure to look at before making your purchase.

Best FPGA Board Brands

Arduino R3

It offers a development platform with more versatility than the others, they are very resistant and very easy to configure, it is designed with AT mega 16U2 which makes it more profitable and faster and better for your project.

DECA is the best option to start with the skills in FPGA design or develop them. With this board you can design with FPGA and
interact with a wide variety of sensors, including proximity, temperature, ambient light, acceleration and power.

Thunderboard React

It is small but powerful, it offers a very smart solution for Bluetooth Smart and connects to the cloud to collect sensor data to test and create prototype applications. It includes a wide range of environmental sensors and movement, which allows a rapid collection of data.

Raspberry Pi 3

It is very powerful, it has a CPU ARM Cortex A53 of four nuclei of 1.2 GHz and 64 bits that offers ma ten tences the performance of the Raspberry Pi1, includes a wireless LAN card integrated with bluetooth 4.1

Synergy S7 is a platform for integrated development, where you can access MCU functions with more details, has a framework of integrated software based on RTOS. It is innovative for integrated and continuous development, specialized in color graphics, tactile interface and
ability to improve

LinkCharge CT is a ready-to-use, wireless charging set from semtch that can be mounted and placed under the design surface to transmit and feed between the charger and receiver.

Neuropathy & Nerve Damage

Neuropathy is a term that describes problems related to nerves (their role is to send messages from the central nervous system to the whole body). Neuropathy is usually diagnosed as a complication of a wide range of medical conditions and can affect motor, sensory and autonomic nerves.

Neuropathy can affect either a single nerve or a nerve set (like in Bell’s Palsy, for example). Among possible causes for neuropathy repetitive injury, metabolic problems, infection, physical trauma are to be mentioned. It is well known both among specialists and large public that people with diabetes present high risks of neuropathy. Neuropathy affects around 20 million people only in U.S. Up to 70% of people with diabetes have some nerve damage.

Nerve damage and nerve pain can seriously affect human life’s quality because they are involved in many human body’s system functioning and when one system’s activity is affected, the whole system’s activity is disturbed. You will then require a neuropathy support supplement called Nerve Renew.

Autonomic nerves’ role is to control and regulate involuntary or partially voluntary activities happening in human body like blood pressure, heart rate, temperature regulation and digestion, for example.

Motor nerves control human body’s movements by realizing a connection between the spinal cord and muscles in the body.

Sensory nerves gather information from senses organs (skin, eyes, nose, etc.) and send this information to central nervous system. Information received from sensory organs is processed and this is how human sensations are felt.

Since in the majority of neuropathy cases the cause is diabetes, it’s important to know that there are four types of neuropathy: peripheral, proximal, autonomic and focal.

Peripheral neuropathy is also called distal polyneuropathy or peripheral diabetic nerve pain. This is the most common form encountered and this happens because of diabetes. Some of the longest nerves in our bodies the ones in our legs. In the low back (lumbar) region hey branch off the spine and they go down your legs until they reach the feet. Peripheral neuropathy often attacks long nerves in our body, so cases of peripheral neuropathy are often encountered at legs level.

Proximal neuropathy is also known as diabetic amyotrophy can induce muscle weakness and most of the time it affects the muscles in the sacral region. Proximal neuropathy involves in most cases nerve pain (this pain goes down the leg and most people refer to it as sciatica but the medical term for it is radiculopathy).

Autonomic neuropathy affects the autonomic nerves (those that are supposed to maintain our bodies up and running). Many functions happen in our body without us being aware of them, or without us actually doing something voluntarily to start or maintain them and moreover, we cannot voluntarily stop them. Homeostasis (the balanced state of the human organism) is maintained by the autonomic nervous system and when neuropathy affects this specific type of nerves, homeostasis is seriously influenced.

Peripheral neuropathy, autonomic neuropathy and proximal neuropathy are included in polyneuropathy category and this means they affect many nerves and focal neuropathy affects only one specific nerve. Focal neuropathy is, by excellence, a mononeuropathy.

Each type of neuropathy has its particularities and specific symptoms and treatment. For those who suffer of diabetic neuropathy in early stages, over-the-counter medications can be very helpful, but for people with severe nerve damage prescription medication is the solution. The exact medication for the specific type of neuropathy you are affected by should be prescribed by a specialist and it should be prescribed based on your symptoms and medical history.


Why you Should Hire a Good Injury Attorney

Personal Injuries happen when we least expect them. They may leave one severely injured such that they may need extensive medical care such as rehabilitation. These devastating effects will leave you with little or no time to do paperwork, from an insurance company and Doctors, for you to get compensated. It is therefore important to hire a good injury attorney to help you handle your compensation claims so as to save you stress.

The following are the reasons why you will need a good injury attorney;

1. Experienced in Assessing Cases.

A good injury attorney has a good experience in assessing cases, and can, therefore, tell you what to expect before you pursue a case. The attorney will tell you whether your case is worthy pursuing legal action or not. This will save you time and expenses in preparing for a case that you are unlikely to win.

2.You Don’t Pay Unless You Win a Case.

Most injury attorneys work on injury cases based on a contingency fee. This means you will not have to pay them unless the lawyer secures a compensation for you. This saves you money that you would have spent preparing for a case that you end up not getting compensated.

3. Peace of Mind.

Injuries can be very devastating and can leave one with physical, psychological as well as emotional trauma. It is therefore important for one to get enough time to focus on recovery. This will leave a person with very little time to follow up on an injury case. Getting an injury attorney will save you from the hassle of research needed in order to represent yourself. Knowing that you have someone doing their best to help you get back on your foot will give you peace of mind.

4. Experience working with other attorneys.

An Experienced Attorney knows how to deal with other attorneys when it comes to the fact-finding part of a case. Here, they are required to exchange facts and documents. If you represent yourself in a case, you may not be able to deal effectively and efficiently with attorneys since you don’t know them well.

5. They represent your Best Interests.

A personal Injury attorney will work hard to represent the interests of the injured party since what they are paid is tied to the size of compensation the injured person gets. This will motivate them to work hard to prepare a case that will ensure that their clients get the best compensation possible.

6.They have the Resources to Investigate your Claim.

The success of an injury claim is centered on proving the negligence of a person. This can be hard to prove without thorough investigations. A good attorney has the resources required to do investigations so as to prove the negligence of an involved person. Industry experts, for example, are very important to prove one’s case. These and are usually very hard to get and therefore need a good attorney to access them so as to build and strengthen a case.

7. Investigative Team.

Injury Attorneys usually have a qualified investigative team with lots of expertise in a variety of fields to help examine the technical aspects of a case. All you need to do is give them details about your injury, and they then gather enough information required by the attorney to build a very strong case.

With the help of a good personal injury attorney, you are assured of saving time and money compared to handling a claim on your own or hiring a wrong attorney. It is, therefore, important to choose a good lawyer to handle your injury claims so as to concentrate on your medical and getting back to a normal life after an injury.

Picking A Great Personal Injury Attorney

We do realize that by anytime we might be standing in a courtroom and would probably require legal representation. In the area of personal injury, this attorney is known as a Personal Injury Attorney. He or she is well trained in the area of personal injury, have a strong ethical background, and a broad-based knowledge of tort law.

All lawyers are well trained in any of the varied law schools found in the world. For a lawyer to specialize in personal injury training must be present in the art of negotiating and arbitration to reach a fair settlement for the client. Most of these cases fall under what is known as tort law. Tort law is the law that searches for a fair conclusion of any civil wrong.

A civil wrong can be anything that causes an injury, physical or psychological. These civil wrongs are usually the cause of some form of negligence on the part of an individual or business. The injured party then has the right to file a claim against the party responsible for the harm and most claims will be heard in a court of law.

Most personal injury attornies will do all they can to reach a settlement as opposed to going to trail. Here the responsibility of negotiating falls on the lawyer. He must be able o determine via meetings with his client the full extent of the injury, the accepted ways to treat the injury, and he should have a valid idea as to the cost to return his client to equal footing he held before the injury.

It is fully the personal injury attorney‘s responsibility to interview the client. Gain a full understanding of what happened to cause the injury. And it is equally important that the lawyer has a professional idea as to exactly what the compensation for the client shall be.

Most personal injury lawyers have a well-known compensation package in place. The most common compensation package is known as a contingency agreement. Under this agreement, the client has no upfront out of pocket expenses. Here the lawyer is willing to accept the case with the understanding that when final compensation is made to the client, the lawyer will receive a percentage of that settlement. The percentage is usually in the area of twenty-five percent up to thirty-three percent. If the lawyer and his client cannot reach an agreement on this percentage, then the lawyer may decide to work on a prearranged hourly rate.

It does not matter how the lawyer will get paid; he will get paid. Of course, his payment under the contingency plan will only grow greater if the settlement amount he can garner is great. It is for this reason that most personal injury lawyers prefer to work with a contingency plan. He will take his time, investigate all avenues of the case, and work extremely hard to achieve the greatest settlement for his client that he can.

There are as many types of lawyers available as there are types of cases. The Personal Injury Lawyer is a very specialized attorney that primarily represents persons who have been harmed by negligence. If negligence has harmed you, then you will most certainly need to find this type of lawyer to represent you.

How relationship counseling can help

More often than not, to be engaged in a physical and emotional relationship when both genders are involved with love and intimacy, have the inevitability of conjuring quarrels and fights of naturally spoken words that happens to involve rage and anger, which results to splitting up and risking the foundation of a relationship. How one couple could generally fix said conflicts is entirely up to them, but studies suggest the best way of remedying this sort of dilemma is through relationship counseling.

How relationship counselling can help a relationship, at the brink of their split up usually coincides with improving communication between both couples. Recent studies suggest that communication builds up the best method of maintaining a healthy relationship. With a professional therapist and psychologist, it could surely enhance the way a couple communicates with each other. When before, chronic fights happen, with the benefits of counseling, a guided series of steps could lead the way to fervor the happiness shared with both genders; having to walk down memory lane after a heated exchange tend to help when counselors guide couples to serenity.

On sessions with counselors on relationship counseling show signs after respectable time periods, lovers attend to, of regaining back the emotional connection they temporarily lost on their journey in their relationship. Common ways that counselors talk about during rejuvenation is the problem at stake; whether it be insecurities, the discovery of infidelity and over the top jealousy usually are centric reasons how both couples end up in counseling in the first place.

When given the stakes as large as surefire commitment is involved, relationship counseling brings all cards to the table. Couples tend to lose all touch of committing to long term relationships when given the time they spend together. Part of commitment when valued deeply by couples is listening to the problems situating the entirety of their relationship. The success that couple’s therapy tends to serve confused lovers generate a 97.1%; surveyed clients that got the help they needed; a 98.1% has given the insurance of quality services and excellent results by troubled couples and marriages; and a marvelous 100% that boomed impact into their relationship, regardless of the results, happy endings or not.

Some relationship counseling stretches to greater lengths, as to discuss sexual intimacy as a problem in a relationship. Open-mindedness is observed as for how this method is portrayed and is quite helpful for couple’s who are struggling to adjust to the differences of sexual orientation and preferences.

The relationship involves two people. Each person has a set of differences that don’t go well with the other significant other, and maybe, somehow, a third person with the right mind and education can supply the standards and correct insights that drive couples back to how they once first met, and maybe push them to marriage, which is another matter to worry about. In a relationship, both individuals should harness effort, and the fact consulting a therapist is a definitive staple to exerting maximum effort in fixing the relationship.

In conclusion, problems always involve when two opposites encapsulate themselves with one another. A little help is always appreciated, and through professionals such as therapists and psychologists, it is more evident to attend to their sessions as it would never hurt to get advice from degree oriented people who have chosen the fields of expertise that attend to the couple’s needs.

Asphalt Paving Contractors – Ensure A Quality Paved Driveway

The majority of asphalt paving projects are larger commercial jobs. That doesn’t, however, mean that such contractors do not take up relatively small jobs like residential parking lots, driveways, and condo units. Most of the times, private homeowners do not have the relevant experience or expertise to handle such projects without the supervision of large contractors. The following tips will surely help you to obtain quality work and choosing a reliable asphalt repair company:

Select contractors, that are well-known for their quality – How can you ensure that the contractor you’re opting for is a reliable one?

* Their names must be listed in the phone book or online.
* They must have an insurance certificate to their name.
* They must have some pictures related to their previous jobs and work locations.
* They must have a host of testimonials to their credit.

These credentials should be found easily today by most contractors. They are well-aware of the tough competition and keep these materials handy. But then how can you distinguish the best from the not-so-good ones? You can ask them some more probing questions:

* Are they aware of the latest technologies and techniques?
* What kind of customer services they provide before or after the job is done?
*, Do they offer any value-added services?
* What is the communication process they follow with their clients?
* What is their definition of quality of the products or/and the services they offer?
* Do they have well-equipped sales personnel that can provide clear benefits as well as options for various approaches that they adopt towards repair?
* How long they have been in the business?

Compare the purchases – you need to get offers from several contractors. At the same time, you must determine whether all contractors use the same products for work. Also, check the time that each contractor evaluated to complete the work. If the contractor offers an amazingly low rate, then you should carefully examine the types of products they use to work. This is a well-known fact; You get what you pay for.

Owing to countless benefits, most of the people are choosing asphalt paved driveways over other driveway options. A perfectly installed asphalt driveway can enhance the look and worth of a building. Such driveways offer long lasting durability without much care and maintenance. It is a perfect alternative for colder temperature zones. To enjoy real advantages of the flexible and sturdy road surface, it is must to go for a right contractor who is well recognized for professional work and on-time services.

The driveway should be paved by professional Asphalt paving contractor who holds massive experience in this field. Finding a right service provider is no longer a complicated task now after the advent of the internet. One can look through the websites of various companies to select the perfect one.

Insist on written agreement – If the contractor is offering you some guarantee with his work, make sure you have it in the form of a written agreement. If possible, hold back a fair portion of the job amount till you ensure the quality of the job matches your expectations.

Why it’s good to donate

The notion of excessive consumerism has affected most of the people in the 21 st century. Most of us will plead guilty of having more than excess clothes in our closets, the clothes that we no longer remember if we have ever had. Due to the fact that they are almost in new condition and still look excellent, it may be difficult to get time to put all these piled items together for a donation.


The most stupid thing to do is to dumb this clothes into the trash when they can still be perfect for use. Used clothing stores and local charities like Pick Up Please do play an important role, they receive donations of used clothes, and Should you choose to buy other needed items at a later date, you will get discount coupons. These donations should not be limited to clothes only but also household items, shoes, furniture items, and books, if in good the condition or if not badly damaged


Donations of clothes can also face some challenges as some people can feel less privileged if seen wearing used clothes or if you want to give them something they may see it as a charity case, making it a very a difficult topic to bring up. Donations can be a battle for the family too, as we always see a poor family who can benefit from our unused items though don’t know how to offer, hence having a retail establishment that receives the donations is the answer to all these challenges, as it eliminates all guesswork.


Furthermore, most of these retail establishments for donations can send agents near you to pick up the items, instead of you taking to them. For instance, you can get a call notifying residents once a month in a particular street, asking if they can give away anything also specifying the date they would pick. The service is completely amazing as it has sum everything up for us, all you have to do is put all your clothes, shoes and other items for donations in a bag outside your house and a truck will pass by and pick it up. Most of the

money got from the sales of this items goes to the local charities all over the country, hence in good heart, we should offer the unused and unneeded items to help the society at large.


Having clothes piling up in our closets and shoes under our beds, with no one to wear, is such a bad idea, and waste, we should be generous and kind by helping the less privileged in our society by donating the used items to them. To us, it gives space by eliminating clutter and creating space for items we actually need.


In conclusion, donations of unused shoes, clothes, and even furniture are not only for much gain to every individual in the society, but it is also meaningful hence it is something everyone with excess items should start or continue doing. In the case of an unfamiliar charity ask questions about their location or other information to be sure it’s genuine.

Basic tips to Make Physics Easier to Understand

Making science a prominent subject amongst students is a broadly examined point on social networking stages and different other online discussions today. Science, when made enjoyable to learn, can get to be intriguing to students and enhance their manner of thinking and learning styles as well! However for most people science is complicated and they sometimes seek Physics Homework help from experts online.


What to expect from online coaching guide:

A Physics Assignment help site with physics tutors ought to advance the experience of the coaches by empowering them to enhance their scholarly capabilities. These guides thus would assist the students in doing unique projects autonomously. Homework would set up the mentors to make learning sessions additionally fascinating for the students through fundamental representations, in this manner urging the understudies to be more agreeable while studying, and building up enthusiasm for the subject. The coaches ought to understand the substantial and frail purposes of various substitutes, and appropriately furnish them with the required study material.


Utilize the enthusiasm further bolstering your best good fortune

The web is loaded with data about how you can make science, particularly physics pleasant and persuade candidates to be interested in it. Utilizing the web for directing tests and examinations is a quick thought in this connection. Also, is hiring Physics Homework Help. Most online material science guides today utilize online networking to lead tests and arrange entertaining diversions to keep their understudies snared to the subject. Taking a stab at something comparable could have a decent effect and help kids learn successfully.


Analyze away to radiance

What is science without its share of trials? All things considered, they are the way to revelation and comprehension. It has been demonstrated by studies that helping students without anyone else’s input is instrumental in learning since they get the opportunity to encounter and do things, they typically learn better and hold it for more time frames.


Utilize cutting edge mechanical apparatuses while instructing:

Inquire about demonstrates that cutting-edge mechanical devices are the way to better understanding. Devices, for example, smart whiteboards, slide presentations, and varying media help understudies learn effectively. Additionally, utilizing pictures, graphs and visual guides separated from content are useful in learning. Physics Assignment Help experts online Furthermore permit students to record sessions with the goal that they may return to them amid exam arrangements and reexamine the point well. Such offices end up being preferred material science homework help over unimportant course readings!


Make it a story

If material science is instructed as stories and talks, it will have a decent effect. Give students time to consider where material science is utilized on an everyday premise. Give them a chance to watch certain situations and apply the speculations learned to perceive how these are useful, all things considered, and how material science encourages a lot of comforts one can’t live without today.


Devise assessments that help them think and apply their learning

Projects shouldn’t be about evaluations alone. Contriving them in a way that gives them a chance to use their knowledge, work in groups and an agreeable period is sure to provoke their interest in the subject; students that also rely on Physics Assignment help from experts also achieve complete mastery of science subjects.

How often should you go for a psychic reading

When someone is thinking about psychic readings, sourcing out a really good psychic to do it, will quite often end up a bit of a hit and miss thing. Because of the present size of the net, there are now a huge number of psychic people who advertise the service online, but how to find somebody that’s the best one? For to get a psychic reading, of a satisfactory nature, will often require time and money. This is because you may not be able to connect just right with the first few you talk to. Or even one or two more either.

Sorry to say, the internet is a bit like the wild west. And with every Jim, John, and Mary purporting to be something else, and when it’s next to impossible to ascertain if their talents are real. Frequently, quite a few of these arrive and depart to be never seen again, since, in the end, genuine talent will always be popular.

To quote the old maxim, you can trick a few some of the time, some people always, but won’t fool everybody all the time. It’s not dissimilar, to getting psychic readings. Gifted psychics will always be recommended by others, as distinct to the tricksters and frauds who never last very long.
To get a psychic reading, you need to believe in them. Going online to a site like and getting a reading just for the fun of it is not the way to go. You need to possess a belief in spirituality. With some calculations and natural signs, your future can be somewhat interpreted. The emphasis here is on “somewhat” because people often make the mistake of blindly following what a psychic says. Remember that a psychic only shows you the path to take. How you traverse along it is your choice – the mistakes are yours, so is the credit!

Hence, unless you know them from before, then it might be in your best interest to note the following questions.

Have they existed for any length of time? Are they professionals? Even if this is no guarantee of quality, as there are a lot of psychic internet companies with a glossy look offering psychic readings. Also, fancy pictures and graphics don’t mean anything.

Are the first 3 minutes for free? Some will offer this as an encouragement to a phone. But, its not easy to tell how good a psychic is, in only three minutes, so once more, you will just have to go on your intuition.

Do they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee? Such a guarantee is worthy, as you can be sure that they are secure in presenting a quite useful and authentic psychic reading. It’s quite useful to know that they will return your money, should you be unhappy with your psychic reading. Bear in mind; not many psychic companies will be willing to refund your payment if you are unhappy with the service received.

However, as far as psychic readings are concerned, for locating a talented psychic which you can have faith in, other than via a good recommendation, will often require using your intuition. What delivered you to their site? Are you relaxed with their claims, or drawn to their website/psychic bio’s and so forth. If you are attracted to any distinct psychic on their site, then make this your guide. A person’s instincts and intuition in these concerns are key, plus there is a reason why you choose whatever psychic you do. It’s part of your destiny.

The Job of Personal Injury Solicitors

There are many ways you could suffer a personal injury and need a personal injury solicitor. You may have been in a car accident, a workplace or public place accident, or have suffered an injury to your body, mind, or emotions due to the fault of someone else. Personal injury solicitors are your lifeline to the complex and often confusing legal technicalities when filing a claim for compensation. When filing a personal injury claim, there are some things the court will require you to prove before awarding compensation. You must show damages, cause, duty and breach. Personal injury solicitors are experts in how to prove these four things. Personal injury solicitors are also available to help calculate the amount of compensation you deserve.

You need to show proof of the fact that you suffered damage as a result of the other party’s actions or negligence. These may be in the form of medical receipts, lost wages, cost of recovery and other damages. Tiernan personal injury solicitors can show proofs in other less tangible aspects of damages which could include emotional distress, pain, and suffering, or loss of companionship.

What a second aspect of proof personal injury solicitors can assist with is the cause. It is up to you to prove the other person caused the damage whether through their direct actions or their negligence. This area of personal injury law is very complex and without the help of an expert, like personal injury solicitors can be tough to prove particularly if the injury is the result of a series or chain of events not through a direct act of the other person.

The third area you will need to show proof in your personal injury claim is duty and breach. Personal injury solicitors can show the other party had a duty to you, and breached, or violated, that duty causing you harm. This is very complicated and difficult to prove in court, but experienced personal injury solicitors are highly capable experts.

Personal injury solicitors have spent many years studying the processes, procedures, and technicalities of law. Considered experts, personal injury solicitors are on your side and work to help you achieve the maximum possible compensation for your injury.

Personal injury solicitors will also help you calculate the amount of the claim based on the type of injury, nature of your injury, severity, and longevity of your injury, income loss due to your injury and other factors. Without intimate knowledge of the legal aspects of personal injury, you may lose your claim, or receive far less compensation than you deserve.

The expert advice and guidance of personal injury solicitors can be irreplaceable if you are injured through the actions or negligence of another person. The legal world is a complex and confusing one, filled with technicalities. One small misstep or misleading statement can mean your personal injury claim will not be successful. To successfully receive compensation for your personal injury, it is necessary to find and hire personal injury solicitors.

Why it is Important to Hire Personal Injury Solicitors

Have you had an accident that was not your fault? Do you have medical bills to pay, or have you lost time at work because of the accident? Not sure what to do about it? Hiring a personal injury solicitor may be the right answer.

The laws regarding personal injury are complex, often confusing, and nearly always require the help of an expert to claim the compensation due to you. Hiring personal injury solicitors is the best way to make sure you have the expert help you need to carefully navigate the intricate and bewildering world of personal injury law.

The second reason to hire personal injury solicitors is to have expert help with necessary proofs of your bodily injury. You need to prove what the damages are, what caused the damages, and that the other party violated their duty to you.

A third reason to hire personal injury solicitors is to have the best help to achieve the maximum compensation due to you, with the least risk and inconvenience possible. Personal injury solicitors know and understand the legal technicalities and processes involved in your personal injury claim and can guide you to the proper methods of proving your claim.